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Indianapolis New Sewer & Water Service Installation

New Sewer & Water Service Installation in Indianapolis

Connect your new construction to the city’s sewer and water system with help from Pristine Plumbing. Call (317) 520-3569 to schedule a consultation with our Indianapolis sewer and water service installation experts.

Need to set up sewer and water line connections for a new construction? This responsibility falls on the property owner. Make sure the job is completed safely and accurately by working with the experts at Pristine Plumbing—we provide full sewer and water line service installations throughout Indianapolis and surrounding areas.

Let Us Handle Your Sewer and Water Pipe Installations

Pristine Plumbing will handle every aspect of your new sewer and water service installation, including:

Once the installation is complete, we are happy to provide you with additional advice regarding your new lines. Our experts will show you where the shutoff valves are located and when to use them, how to tell if there’s a problem with your water or sewer line, and preventive maintenance solutions to help you avoid unexpected issues.

The more information you have to properly care for and maintain your new plumbing lines, the easier it will be to enjoy long-term peace of mind.

What to Expect During the Installation Process

Sewer and water main installations begin with a detailed plan of how the pipes will be laid out. We will also need to identify the location of the utility main. Once preliminary tasks have been completed, we can get started with the actual installation.

Pipe Boring or Trenching

We can provide pipe installations in one of two ways, either by trenching or boring.

Adding the Pipeline

The next step after pipe boring or trenching is setting in the new pipe. The pipe will be pulled through the bored hole (if using boring techniques) or laid in the trench manually. The new pipe is then connected to your property as well as the municipal line. We will also install shutoff valves.


Before covering the trench or holes, your new sewer or water line will need to go through an inspection by the city. Once your property has passed inspection, we will fill in the trench, conduct a final inspection of our own to make sure the job has been completed successfully, and provide you with recommendations and advice for maintenance.

Schedule a Consultation Today

Pristine Plumbing is committed to providing thorough and accurate service. Your sewer and water service installation will be carefully planned and carried out using quality materials and equipment. Reach out today to get started!

Contact Pristine Plumbing at (317) 520-3569 to speak with our Indianapolis sewer and water main installation experts and receive an estimate.

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