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Paul Moran
Paul Moran 5.0

Rough job but Nathan showed no frustration. They seemed pricey but they responded, kept me updated and showed up during their scheduled time. Two other well known plumbers never even responded to my messages.

Raychelle Bultman
Raychelle Bultman 5.0

Pristine Plumbing was AMAZING!! They went above and beyond to help me out and they will always be my first option for a plumber moving forward. Don't waste your time using anyone else!! They have very reasonable pricing, are super friendly, and ...explained everything to me so I knew exactly what was happening every step of the way.Read More...

Yuhua Shi
Yuhua Shi 4.0
Loren Frey
Loren Frey 1.0

Referred to company off of Angie. Called me almost immediately to offer services. I asked how much this would cost and lady told me she could not quote my install because she did not know how long it would take. I said that’s fine, what’s the hourly ...rate you bill so I can estimate? (I knew this was an hour and a half job, max). She said she couldn’t give me an hourly rate because it depended on the technician. Which to me seemed odd but I said okay fine. So the person comes to the house the next day, and I told my wife to get a price before he starts. He said $670. To replace an existing garbage disposal and the other one was already removed. I said tell him absolutely not and we will find someone else. He then told her he would do it for $473 instead. Why were being price gouged in the first place is an issue with me, but this price was still insane for a disposal. I said ask him why it’s so expensive, and his response was that the work would take 3-4 hours relocating the drain pipe and then installing the disposal. So in my mind for 3-4 hours of work $473 was reasonable. Way more than I expected since I was pretty confident no plumbing needed moved, but he’s the expert. So he does the work but magically, is done in an hour and 40 minutes as I expected. Except, they still charge my wife $473. So half the amount of time quoted, but same price? So I call the company after he leaves and inquire why something that was was quoted for 3-4 hours at $473 (originally $670) was still $473 when it took half the time. The new lady says they don’t quote work by the hour they quote by the job. Which is the complete opposite thing as what the first rep (Macy) told me and what the technician said as well. So I said why was I told by two people it’s hourly and they couldn’t quote me a price because they didn’t know the length of time , if time isn’t a factor in the price. She said she would escalate and someone would call me by the end of the day. Well not to my surprise, that didn’t happen. I will be disputing this with the credit care company and they can sort it out, but I would never in a million years recommend this company to anyone. The technician was very polite and nice, did great work and was wonderful to my wife, so there’s really nothing bad to say about him. But the company is underhanded, lies about pricing, and when they provide pricing it’s 20-30% more than what they actually want to do the work, just to see if you’ll pay it. STAY AWAY.Read More...

Isaac Curry
Isaac Curry 5.0

Super fast and knowledgeable. I will be using their services in the future.

Conor Shine
Conor Shine 5.0

I needed my outdoor water spigot replaced asap and Pristine Plumbing was able to get me scheduled today. Derryck T. was very informative, professional and just all around awesome. I will definitely be using Pristine Plumbing again!

jonathan monroe
jonathan monroe 5.0

Excellent service very fast and friendly definitely will use them again put in a gas line for a stove in no time

Caitlin Kay
Caitlin Kay 5.0

Nate was so genuine and helpful; he was transparent about what was happening and I felt very confident in him and his skill set.

Sherine Paul
Sherine Paul 5.0
marvin coleman
marvin coleman 5.0

Everything went fine

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