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Indianapolis Main Water Line Repair & Installation

Main Water Line Repair & Installation in Indianapolis

Water line problem? Call (317) 520-3569 now to schedule main water line repair and replacement in Indianapolis.

A main water line issue can quickly turn into a plumbing emergency. Damaged or leaking water lines need immediate attention. At Pristine Plumbing we understand how important it is to provide quick turnarounds and efficient service for homeowners struggling with water line issues. Reach out to our Indianapolis main water line repair and installation experts as soon as you suspect a problem.

Signs Your Water Line Needs Repair

It’s important to inspect your plumbing lines every once in a while to make sure there aren’t any problems developing. This includes checking exposed water pipes for leaks, decay, or damage. But what about the main water line that runs underground?

Here are some of the warning signs of a main water line in need of repair or replacement:

Make sure you are aware of the symptoms of water line leaks or damage. If any of the problems above are affecting your home, contact our Indianapolis water line experts to schedule an inspection.

Your Water Line Repair and Replacement Options

The decision to repair or replace your main water line will depend on a variety of factors, including the extent of pipe damage and the age of your pipes. After a thorough inspection, our plumbing experts will walk you through what’s happening to your water line and how to best fix the problem.

At Pristine Plumbing we offer both excavation and trenchless pipe bursting as solutions.

Excavated Water Line Replacement

Traditional excavation services will involve digging trenches around your main water line in order to access them directly. If a full water line replacement is necessary, we will dig along the entire length of the line. But if only a section of the piping is affected, we will limit the job to that particular area and simply replace the damaged section.

Trenchless Water Line Replacement

Our plumbing experts are also trained and certified to perform trenchless water line solutions. Pipe bursting requires very little digging—usually just one or two small access points are needed to get the job done. This minimally invasive technique leaves most of your front yard undisturbed, so you don’t have to worry about additional landscaping or hardscaping repairs.

Using the pipe bursting method, we will insert the new pipe material into your old water line. Attached to the new material is a bursting rod, or bursting head; this is used to “burst” apart your old water line as the new line is pulled through. The result leaves you with a brand new water line with minimal digging!

Schedule Service With Our Indianapolis Water Line Experts

A broken water line can lead to more serious problems if not handled in time. That’s why our licensed plumbing experts are prepared to provide safe and efficient solutions. We will provide an accurate inspection, discuss the repair or replacement process with you, and make sure you receive the right results.

Don’t let a small issue turn into a disaster—contact Pristine Plumbing at (317) 520-3569 for main water line repair or replacement in Indianapolis.

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