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Hydro Jetting Services in Indianapolis

Blocked sewer lines? Contact your Indianapolis hydro jetting pros at (317) 520-3569 to schedule immediate sewer line cleaning.

Are your drains constantly clogged or backing up? Your sewer line is either blocked or damaged. If the problem is caused by excessive buildup, we can easily get the situation under control with hydro jetting.

Pristine Plumbing has the equipment and the experience to safely carry out hydro jetting services for homes in Indianapolis affected by blocked sewer lines. Call now to have your sewer line inspected and find out if hydro jetting is the answer.

The Hydro Jetting Process

Hydro jetting is just like pressure washing—but for your plumbing lines. This alternative to regular drain cleaning methods is designed to scour your sewer line clean. When properly carried out, hydro jetting can successfully remove corrosion, sludge, grease, soap scum, and other debris by flushing it all out of your plumbing system. What’s more, it’s perfectly natural (only high-pressure water is used) so you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals entering your pipes.

Here is a quick look at what you can expect when you schedule a hydro jetting service:

Initial Inspection

Before we can start clearing out your sewer line, we will need to see what’s causing the problem in the first place. Our experts will perform a sewer camera inspection to find the main source of your sewer issue. In most cases we will discover tree roots, corrosion, and other buildup. But if we notice severe pipe deterioration or decay, we will need to consider an alternative solution; attempting to jet out a weakened sewer line can cause it to deteriorate further.


Once the source of your sewer line problem has been identified and a blockage is confirmed, we will begin setting up the hydro jetting equipment. A hose is placed into your sewer cleanout while your Pristine plumber controls the amount of water pressure that’s applied. Typically, 2,000 to 4,000 PSI is enough to efficiently clear out residential and commercial sewer lines.

Second Inspection

After your sewer line is jetted out, we will perform a second inspection to make sure the job was completed safely and accurately.

Hydro Jetting as Preventive Sewer Line Maintenance

Hydro jetting is typically recommended for commercial establishments, but homeowners can also benefit from having this service performed regularly. Scheduling hydro jetting every two or three years is an effective way to prevent unexpected plumbing emergencies. It can help reduce your chances of experiencing clogs and back ups, allowing you to enjoy much-needed peace of mind.

Call Our Indianapolis Hydro Jetting Experts Today!

Find out more about our hydro jetting services by giving our team a call today. We will conduct a thorough assessment of your sewer line, figure out the cause and location of the problem, and let you know if hydro jetting is the right solution for your home.

Clear out your sewer line the safe, natural way. Contact Pristine Plumbing at (317) 520-3569 to schedule hydro jetting services in Indianapolis.

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