Indianapolis Backflow Testing

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Indianapolis Backflow Testing

Backflow Testing Services in Indianapolis

Need to install a new backflow prevention assembly or test your current system? Call (317) 520-3569 for professional backflow prevention services in Indianapolis.

Is your home fitted with a backflow prevention system? Annual testing of your assembly is required in order for your home to remain compliant with municipal regulations.

Make sure to schedule service with a certified Indianapolis backflow tester such as Pristine Plumbing. We provide full testing and inspections, and can also help you replace or repair your existing prevention assembly.

Reach out today to make an immediate appointment with our experts. Failure to schedule backflow testing in time can result in penalty fees and discontinuation of your water service.

What Causes Backflow?

Backflow is the reverse flow of wastewater as it enters your potable water supply. This can occur due to backpressure or backsiphonage.

Backpressure occurs when there is an imbalance in water pressure. If the water pressure coming from your plumbing system overpowers the water pressure from the municipal line, the result is backpressure. This allows wastewater to flow into the city’s water line, contaminating the surrounding area’s clean water supply.

With backsiphonage, the problem is similar: foul water will enter the city’s main water line and contaminate the area’s clean drinking water. Backsiphonage is typically caused by a damaged water main or when a fire hydrant is illegally opened.

This is why backflow prevention devices and annual testing are crucial—a defective device will not only pose a problem to your household, it can also affect the safety of your surrounding community.

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Is a Backflow Prevention Assembly Required in Every Home?

Backflow devices are typically installed in commercial establishments, but certain homes are also required to have these devices set up—especially if cross-connections are found.

If your home has any of the following installed, you will likely need to have a backflow prevention assembly set up:

These can create cross-connections and result in contaminated water entering the clean water supply. Pristine Plumbing can provide you with the appropriate backflow prevention device and make sure it’s installed to code. Some of the types of devices we install include double check assemblies and lead-free reduced pressure principle assemblies.

Call Our Indianapolis Backflow Prevention Experts Today

If this is your first time scheduling a backflow test, you can expect to receive a reminder in the mail about 45 days before the test report is due. Get the job completed as soon as possible to avoid late fees or water service interruptions. Contact Pristine Plumbing for quick turnarounds and thorough service.

The backflow test will include an assessment of your entire system. We will make sure there aren’t any leaking valves or other issues with your device. If we do discover problems, we will discuss them with you and provide repair or replacement as necessary. Findings from our test will be noted on the report that we submit to the city.

Keep your home and the rest of your community safe from backflow. Call (317) 520-3569 to schedule immediate service with our certified Indianapolis backflow testers.

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